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Evolution Gaming is back with another high-quality live casino game for Indian players. If you have played the legendary Sic Bo dice game before, you are in for a treat with this online game. The developer has simply added a small twist to the original game to make it modern and more interesting. Players need to predict the outcome of 3 standard die with a 1-6 face value. Here is a full review for more details on how to play.

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Evolution Gaming
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$0.15 - $150
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Random multipliers, live customer support, and adjustable variance

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Super Sic Bo Features

The game comes with a variety of features, including:

  • Random multipliers- each round of bets has a chance of triggering a random multiplier applied to the winnings at the end of the betting systems.
  • Detailed statistics- the game has a statistics roadmap outlining the previous game's outcomes. Players can use the information to analyze the strategy and predict the results of the next bet.
  • Live chat and live support- Sic Bo players can access the live chat function for quick queries and concerns. You can also reach out to customer support if you need more information.


Super Sic Bo online gameplay
Super Sic Bo table and live dealer
Dices on the Sic Bo table
Super Sic Bo casino game

How to Play Super Sic Bo in India

The game is quite crowded, making it seem complicated to play, but playing becomes seamless once you understand the rules. As mentioned, there are 3 standard dice, and the player aims at predicting the outcome of each dice to walk away with the max prize. The live game is set in a studio with an oriental theme adding to the overall experience. A randomized system determines wins to ensure fairness, and the provider is licensed, registered, and undergoes quality checks frequently. The overall experience is made even better through the services of highly skilled, professional dealers that explain the rules and requirements to players.

Although the concept is pretty simple, players can undertake an extensive list of bets. The available betting options can be viewed on the Sic Bo tables in different shapes and sizes with the corresponding odds for visibility.

Super Sic Bo strategy


Super Sic Bo online is played using 3 dice with different face values of 1-6. The game is hosted by a live dealer with a 20-second betting window. Random multipliers are applied once the window closes, and the automatic shaker rolls the dice to reveal the value. The player's goal is to correctly predict the total value of each roll by placing any of the following:

  1. Total- this is a wager on the total value from 4-17. The bet is successful if the dice value sums up to the specific number you have placed a wager. The payouts differ depending on the number, but they are displayed on the betting table.
  2. Triple- a player places a bet on at least 1 of the possible triples, and all 3 dice must show the chosen number for a payout of 150:1.
  3. Any triple- the difference is the bet covers all the 6 possible bets at once. The payout is 30:1 for an outcome showing the same number.
  4. Even/odd- this is a bet on the total of the 3 dice being odd or even.
  5. Small/big- a bet on the outcome being small or big.
  6. Single-here a wager is placed on any of the face values of a dice. If one side shows the number bet on, the payout of 1:1 is awarded.
  7. Double- to win from this bet, 2 of the dice must show the same number for a payout of 8:1.
  8. Combination bets- bet on any of the 15 possible 2-dice combos for a 5:1 reward.
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Super Sic Bo Rules

The live version has the same rules as the game's standard version. Place bets before the betting window closes via the interface betting table. Multipliers and winnings are applied automatically, meaning gamblers only have to decide what bet to place. Ensure you play responsibly and stick to your bankroll to get the best out of the game.

Super Sic Bo Strategy

Super Sic Bo dice game

Wondering how to win Super Sic Bo? Here is a Super Sic Bo winning strategy that increases winning chances when playing the game. There is not much of a strategy a competent player wouldn't be able to figure out. It's a game of chance, meaning like any other table game so a player relies on luck. The odds are always in favor of the casino.

Some proven Super Sic Bo tips include betting on even/odd bets with low variance. From there, you can adjust volatility depending on the odds.

Slot Conclusion

Super Sic Bo is a simple and exciting game with easy-to-understand rules. The game strikes a balance between a modern and classic feel while offering the same experience as the original game. You can enjoy the authentic casino experience while playing this game, thanks to the professional live dealers in the game. If you love live casino games, you need to try this one.

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  • Where can I play the Super Sic Bo game?

    Play in any trusted online casino such as 22Bet. Ensure you play at a licensed and regulated casino for fair outcomes, quality gaming, and the best rewards.

  • Can I play Super Sic Bo for free?

    Unfortunately, no. This is a live dealer game, meaning you cannot play for free unless using a casino bonus. The casino incurs costs while maintaining the casino hence the reason it’s not available for free. However, you can use the highlighted Super Sic Bo winning secrets to increasing your chances of winning.